Tuesday 20 September 2011

Pud Lady

We head for Hastings and the Pud Lady's house where at Dad has to do some gardening. I love Pud Lady's wild, tree-filled garden and I also like to escape through a badger hole under the fence, from where I can explore most of the gardens in the "crescent" (of roads). Dad trusts me to return eventually and is always apparently amused (at least, that's what I think that voice and face mean) at the state of me when I return. Mind you, a dog is obliged to push the boundaries now and then to keep the humans on their toes so this time I stayed away just a little too long and could hear the summons calls and whistles for a while before I headed back, arriving in the back garden and whizzing round the side of the house to come up behind him all innocent in the front just as he was anxiously heading out to the road just to check I hadn't got lost out there. He put me on the lead for a while after that, even indoors, cheeky sod!

Dad's tied up at the minute having fun trying to lay down a voice-over for the hour long Cambria Restoration Video. Kes's Dad Mark has been cam-corder-ing the stages of the restoration every month for the last 3 and a half years, so the guys have footage from the first arrival of the barge in Faversham, all through the rebuild and then on to the triumphant entry in the Thames Match and the even more exciting volunteers-in-the-crew Swale Match. The two have therefore been getting their heads round MS Movie-Maker time lines, media, narration audio files and the like. It takes about 6 hours to successfully lay down about half and hour of finished sound track, especially if you make as many numpty mistakes as Dad does. He thinks if he had a quid for every time he waffled on for several minutes about the stern-post before realising he was looking at the stem post, or fluffed, dried up, talked a load of tosh etc, he'd be able to keep me in Barkaway's pork ribs permanently.

Still no word on the exchange of contracts...........


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