Sunday 2 December 2012

Big Day All Round

December 3rd (tomorrow) is like an alignment of the planets round here with everything seeming to happen at once. All being well the sheep are off on their final journey but I'll cover that story in a post of its own so that anyone who doesn't want to know about that can easily avoid it

On the same day all the kindergarten reach 6 months of age, with both the Silverwood puppies and the Tommo-the-Builder kittens all being born overnight 2nd/3rd June. The picture here is of Towser using Rolo as a pillow. These two seem to have paired off for daytime snoozing purposes and Blue has paired off with Poppy. Just "Auntie Deefer" prefers to sleep alone and tends to grump a bit if anyone strays into her air-space.

Also on that date, Donna and CJ, the baby chicks reach the magic 6-weeks-old figure and, now that they are fully feathered, assuming tomorrow is anything like for weather, they can join the main flock. Even better, so can their Mum, Broody Betty who has definitely had more than enough of the Maternity Unit hutch. We never did get around to organising a bigger run; we were going to borrow a 6 by 4 foot run from Mentor Anne but it needs our trailer to haul it and you'll know that the 2CV (with the tow hitch for the trailer) has not yet passed its NCT. Poor old BB must be feeling a bit like a battery hen by now, all be it she has streets more space than those poor creatures. This pic is Donna at 5 weeks. I will publish some more up to date ones as soon as everyone is released and the babies are running with the herd.

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