Thursday 6 December 2012

Freedom and Other Animals

Just a 'random jottings' today and some catch-up animal pictures.

First up those baby chicks enjoying days 2 and 3 of freedom, They met the 'grown ups' again, felt some genuine Roscommon rain on their backs (They are going to need to get used to that!) and met both the cats. We were a bit wary of what that bit might lead to, as the chicks are not much bigger than (and a lot less able to fight back than,) the full sized rats at least one of the cats can dispatch, but we seem to be OK. The cats mooch around, go nose to nose and say 'Hello' but treat them like the big chickens. If they need to walk through the flock they make themselves as thin as possible and slink through as if determined not to actually go near anyone.

Incidentally, notice how pale pink (as opposed to bright red) Mum's comb is in the third picture. She is the chicken nearest to us. This is because she is 'off lay', i.e. not laying eggs. Her legs, though, are a brilliant yellow compared to any other chicken we have. This is, we are told, because chickens store yolk-protein in their extremities including their legs. So now you know.

A quick shot of William the Conqueror trying not to look too silly even though he has a feather stuck to his comb which he can't shake off no matter how much he waggles his head from side to side. Finally I bring you 2 cats relaxing on the soft chair and the rabbits, who have now had an entire bale of hay, untied and fluffed up, pushed into their "compost heap" enclosure. This should give them a bit of warmth and protection from the wind and rain in December.

Finally finally, Towser looking a bit too sleepy to want his photograph taken.

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