Sunday 2 November 2008

George the Seal

I keep making reference to George the Seal. He is, I think, a Grey Seal (Though I am quite willing to be corrected on this one - big seal, "roman" nose with no sign of a Westie-style "stop" at the eyebrows)

While staying with the Steak Lady we had promised to treat them to a "Thank You" meal at a well known fish restaurant on the Howth Eastern Pier waterfront, the "Oar House" (doesn't seem to have a website, but seems to be owned by (I think) local Fishing Boat and Fish Shop owner Doran's).

As part of this deal you get to meet local celebrity seal "George" who hangs around bobbing up and down in the harbour getting very well fed on fish heads and fish scraps by local fish shop owners and locals nwho love him enough to buy fish to throw to him. He looks very well on it. I'll put a photo up when I can get back to my own PC. He has lately brought some younger companions in with him, whom the locals suspect may be his progeny

The fish meal was gorgeous, and Dad comes out smelling beautifully of cajun squid, and whole sea bream with ginger and oyster sauce. Only one criticism, says Dad. No beers, so no Guinness. Splitting hairs, I think


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