Wednesday 12 November 2008

Her Name is Lola

Her name is Lola
She was a Show Girl........

Or in this case she was a young black greyhound wearing a rather superb chunky-knit sweater; turtle neck, cabling, stripes and toasty-warm thickness. She looked very well in it, and we all had to make a fuss of her.

Meanwhile, do you realise this blog has nearly been running 2 years. I first posted on 18th November 2006, when I was a very young girlie, so Tuesday will be a kind of Birthday. (Dad , if you're listening, you know that Birthday cake translates as "raw pork ribs" in Westie-lingo.)

In the sleepy bungalow suburb of Hastings where Pud-Lady, Stamp-Man and T-fer live, nothing normally happens worth reporting. A text from T-fer today, though reads...

"Who said it was boring here? 6pm Tuesday, blue flashing lights galore outside our house. 3 fire engines, 2 ambulances, 5 cop cars and one car on its side. Chopping off doors, boot, roof etc. 5 people extracted. It was going up our road and clipped the front wheel / wing of my Espace, crossed road and ended up on its side. My car has damaged front wing and bent suspension, so it's the joys of an insurance claim for me. Happy Days. T"

It's all go!
Hope you get it all sorted, T-fer. At least there shouldn't be any doubt about whether there was an incident number!


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