Wednesday 5 November 2008

Respect for the Dead

Ah well. All good things must come to an end, and we are back home at the end of our lovely holiday, and getting back in the old routine. Food is just "food" again, no longer supplemented by the sprinklings of careless 3-year-old fingers, or the generosity of the Steak Lady's over-catering

Here are 3 nice pics to recall it by, now that we and the camera are back and re-united with the PC. 3 dogs on cat-patrol. The Silverwood's young black and white cat moved out while we were around, feeling a bit harrassed by yours truly, but insisted on hovering around the front garden and being visible through the front window.... I know! The Nerve!
Also some rather good elabourately carved pumpkins done by Dad and Mr Silverwood. Ah, we don't just do eyes and toothy evil grins any more - it's all got quite clever. We even do "clouds" by paring off the outer yellow skin and leaving the whiter flesh to shine through (see the witch pumpkin for the effect)
And finally, Haggis showing a due amount of respect for the dead dude in the front garden.
Also, nip back and look at a few earlier posts, which have now had appropriate pics inserted.

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