Saturday 4 July 2009

Came in as Heathcliff....

Mum can sometimes throw in a very literary comment, being of an English Lit educated persuasion. When Dad fled home from the recent 2CV camp all sweaty, dirty and smelly, sneaking home for a shower before returning to the site all fresh and fragrant (Did I really write that?) Mum was heard to say he "came back as Heathcliffe and left as Linton"

We're not sure we want such references made to our Dad (and hero!) especially when you can get quotes like this, below from Wikipedia.....

"(1797, aged 12) [Linton] was asleep in a corner, wrapped in a warm, fur-lined cloak, as if it had been winter. A pale, delicate, effeminate boy, who might have been taken for [Edgar's] younger brother, so strong was the resemblance: but there was a sickly peevishness in his aspect that Edgar Linton never had."

... but we think we know where she was coming from.

Today, Dad's been out most of the day at the barge Cambria, which is open as one of the attraction in Faversham's "Open Houses" festival, whereby local residents with interesting and historic houses open them to the public

They had over a hundred visitors to the barge and they were exhausted - all that declaiming in the hot sun! Rush home and enjoy some Haagen Dazs icecream, would be my advice.

Oh, you already have!


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