Tuesday 21 July 2009

Wild Goose Chase

This was one good entertainment on the holiday. The banks of the Rochdale Canal are well populated with groups of Canada Geese, which I discovered early on that if no-one was looking I could suddenly charge, and they'd all take to the water with much honking and whooshing. This game lasted quite well into the week, but suddenly came a cropper in Hebden Bridge on the journey home, when I tried it with 4 big white thuggish semi-domesticated geese.

I charged them, and they looked like they'd make good their escape into the canal, but one seemed to suss out how tiny I am compared to their great towering Rugby-player shapes, and turned and shouted and tried to bite me.

Yoiks! A dog had to turn tail and run back to her Daddy with her tail between her legs and dignity abandonned. Hooligans! Pick on someone your own size.

I wasn't so keen on the game after that, even with the smaller Canada geese.


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