Tuesday 28 July 2009

Miracle of the Legs

With the "Saga of the Sussex" now brought to a close, we resume normal life, or what passes for it in this house. Today, in fact, Mum is off sick (pleading not guilty to Swine Flu... "It's just a cough!") and Dad has the day off to guide the judges round Faversham-in-Bloom's Front Garden Competition. This involves driving the lead car round 30 odd addresses in town, twisting and turning in ever decreasing circles in the back streets, before adjourning to The Sun for lunch. Very nice too, he says.

Prior to that we'd had a quick walk at the Rec, but the H and I had been promised a "proper one" in the afternoon. So we headed for Challock Forest where we planned to do the 2-miler sculpture trail route in reverse. But just below what we call the "rib cage" sculpture (these are Stour Valley Arts sculptures among the trees, made out of mainly local materials) we come across an intriguing A4 paper-laminated temporary sign saying "Miracle of the Legs". An arrow points straight on.

We follow 4 more signs till we are walking northwards above the SVA's "Cloud Chamber" sculpture (a log igloo which works as a camera obscura), where upon the signs run out, leaving us flummoxed.

Dad has a vague memory that at one of the last Friends of Kings Wood Committee meetings he attended, SVA were proposing this sculpture which involved carved wooden legs grafted onto existing trees and wondered whether this might finally be the finished product. Amusingly, at the time, we had learned that the legs were carved as copies of the legs of a lady we know, who also used to be on the Committee (Hi, Mrs B) and was a reguler walker of two rangey springers in the Forest.

However, we could find nothing, so we are none the wiser. Miracle of the legs? Maybe they've miraculously vanished. Nothing for it but to go home and google it.... tara!



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