Monday 28 November 2011

60's Hippy Chic

As our time living with the Silverwoods draws to a close, the word has gone out "Be Very Afraid". Mrs S has taken to smiling over-sweetly as she says how well she is going look after us when Daddy is gone back to UK and not around to 'protect' us. Haggis seems to be the safest in this respect due to Mrs S not wanting to worry Mum, but there is talk of me being food-dyed pink or lemon-yellow. Even for the H there is rumour of over-tight leather trousers, pierced ear and hooped black ear-ring, black neckerchief and a gold bling chain. Possibly even a black leather hat. For now, as practice, I am resplendent in a cerise cloth flower on a similarly coloured necklace of elastic borrowed from Toddler R, so I am in 60's hippy chic mode at present.

For now the plan is that Dad flies 'home' on Wednesday, with a lift from Mr S to the airport and links up with Mum for the last 12 or so UK days of Mum finishing work, Dad's final AGM as Hort Soc Treasurer, loads of farewell do's and final preparations including the completion by 2CV Llew of the small trailer for the 2CV. Then on the Sunday afternoon and evening (12th?) the big adventure of driving the Fiat, 2CV and trailer back across UK and onto the ferry, followed by the run across Ireland to the Roscommon house begins.

The plan is to park the 2CV at the house and then go racing about in the Fiat signing docs at the solicitors, picking up the keys and then playing house for a couple of hours before heading back down to here and the Silverwoods to re-unite with the other car and spend an evening back here. We get taken to the new house on the next morning for our first explore but we all may end up back at the Silverwoods for the first couple of nights till the caravan gets delivered to the site.

It's all exciting stuff and seems very close now.

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cinquecento said...

Deefs, you can carry stuff off. But tell MrsS that she mucks with Haggis' dignity at her peril. She doesn't know his history but he has people he can call on through the World Wide Web who will rally round to support Captain H. Aggis. Remember what happened at the Kentucky Races!