Monday 14 November 2011

More pics from Silverwoods

Some more pictures from the Silverwoods (and as I look at it I have two identical ones of Haggis and can't click on either to delete it, so that may well be the case when you look too). First up a nice one of the youngest, Lily, who was the one in the shampoo shot which Mrs S told us off for because it looks like she is trying to strangle Lily. This one is all dried off and still alive, so not strangled, OK? We also have one of the H asleep on the sofa with his now quite endearing little pink tongue peeping out between his lips, which is now his way of sleeping.

Finally, one to make Rags jealous. Rags is a great lover of an old cardboard box under the dining table as a sleeping place, all be it now inside a smart new crate which he loves. The older, more disreputable and uncomfortable the cardboard box the better. Well Haggis thinks he'd be impressed by this 'box' which Haggis discovered in the S's kitchen, an old supermarket crate full of shoes. More knobbly a mattress it would have been hard to find. Given that these are mainly old training shoes and sports shoes used by the children, it might also be a tad fragrant to the nose of a dog with sense of smell 40,000 times as strong as humans (or what-ever). I have also been known to climb up onto this box and sleep on it too.

Today though, peace and tranquility have descended upon the house. All 4 children are fit and well and able for school, so all four have been trans-shipped to their places of learning, leaving just Mrs S and Dad with us two dogs for the whole morning. This means it is nice and quiet and peaceful but also severely reduces the chances of pieces of toast, cheese toasty, chocolate bar and crisp falling from the hands of little children in our general direction so that both Haggis and I have been reduced to having to eat our proper tinned food or go hungry. It's not on. Neither do we have any runs to Portlaoise for appointments for Toddler R, so today's jobs for Dad include just laundry-ing and cleaning out the tortoise.

Happy Days

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