Tuesday 29 November 2011

Headed "Home"

A couple more pictures from the closing days of living at the Silverwoods. Another shot of the newly decorated kitchen and the new colour "cookie dough" which we described as melted chocolate ice cream. There aren't many colours available yet in the Dulux paint-pod range but this is a nice one. Anyway, Mum's main colour scheme for the Roscommon house looks like being white, which is in the range. That and varnished / oiled wood. Dad likes this scheme as it will be reminiscent of the barge!

The other picture is of the current main blogging laptop after it was hit by a tsunami of tea when little M Silverwood swung the school bag a bit vigorously near the dining room table and took out Mrs S's new, hot, fresh. big cup of tea. The laptop was immediately turned off and dried out, dismantled by Mr S and checked, put back together whereupon it, fortunately, worked. The decorating work is now finished for now, with the skirting boards now varnished, the dado rail gloss dark brown ("bitter chocolate"), some more cookie dough on the kitchen window reveals.

Dad also free-handed some dark brown stripes where bits of dado were missing upstairs (wall cut away to allow for new stairs to loft extension where currently live Em-J and J-M plus rabbits Padfoot and Ginny. These I can smell and hear from the main landing but frustratingly cannot get up the ladder-cum-steep-stairs to get at them. Anyway I am generally restricted to the ground floor by the stairs gate at the bottom of the stairs following rumours the other day that it might have been me poo-ing in M's room.

Ah well, as I said, coming to the end now of our stay at Silverwoods. Tomorrow Dad flies 'home' to Gatwick and we are left in the capable hands of the Silverwoods who are joking (we hope) about painting us different colours. It's been a nice three weeks with plenty to do and lots of variety. For Dad, too, a nice chance to work hard and feel useful after the weeks of knocking around playing Scrabble at Pud Lady's. Soon it will be the full and final proper emigration date, when Mum and Dad catch the ferry back again and we are all Irish residents. Shortly after that Dad will organise the "Big Green Lorry" boys (see earlier posts) to bring our "stuff" over and we will then be all moved and ready to start Project Erroll in earnest. Erroll, incidentally, is now a pretty redundant name, being (nearly) the name of one of the first houses we tilted at. Should probably be called Project Roscommon!

Incidentally, these moves may make it difficult in the short term to get access to a PC and this blog. We may have to prevail upon Diamond for some lap top time.


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