Thursday 21 June 2012

Married all over Again?

 Way back in the dark gloomy days of February (we know this because of the photographic record!) the only injurious accident happened on the build project. A window frame in the kitchen which the boys were trying to prop up above the old sill, in its new position fell out of its supports and landed on the back of Dad's hand. Luckily he had tough gloves on but he still took a whack and was bruised (though not enough for him to stop work for more than a quick half hour sit-down). Luckily, by quick thinking, he realised that if his hand swelled he'd not get the wedding ring off, so he whipped it off straight away.
After a couple of days, the swelling had gone down a bit, so he tried the ring on but it still wouldn't slide past the knuckle. Mum took it for safe keeping, threaded it onto the ever-present string of pearls (signature jewellery?). He tried it several times over the next days and weeks, and then months. It just felt wrong not to be wearing it (although generally speaking it's not a good idea to wear rings when buildering; you can get nasty injuries).
But whether the swelling was just never going to go down because of scar tissue, or perhaps Dad's hands had grown thicker and tougher with all the physical builder work, we don't know. Dad decided in the end to have the ring re-sized upwards. Almost at the same time the string on the pearls gave way, so a trip to the jeweller in Balla was planned, to get both jobs done. It all went a bit quiet, then. The jeweller joined the happy band of "Choir Invisible" local tradesmen who promised to call us back and we never seemed to hear from again. A month or so went by, Trees came into leaf, the birds sang, a tumbleweed blew across the screen.........

Eventually Mum and Dad got fed up with waiting and called by the jeweller. It was all in hand, they suggested; some old tosh about the lady-who-normally-restrings-the-pearls being off on maternity etc etc. You should hear something in the next couple of days. More birds sang. More tumbleweed..... We called by again and finally got the ring back. It had had to be re-sized up FOUR sizes. Dad now has it back, he no longer feels 'naked'. "I'm Married Again!" A few days later the pearls eventually returned too, so Mum also feels 'complete'. We just wonder why it all has to take so long.


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Care Towers said...

Coincidence or what? Last summer when my INR was all wonky I suffered a lot from swelling fingers on longer walks, so took the precaution to take my rings off... and they never went back on. Last week I suddenly "felt naked", and the fingers seem a lot better, so the rings went back on... just! Happy again.