Wednesday 6 June 2012

Of Aprons and Car Ports

 The hard landscaping in the garden continues and we get 10 more tonnes of 804 gravel (the rough stuff this time) to go into the shuttering for the 'apron' around the house. This is a concrete path around the walls which has a slight slope away from the house and helps to shed any rain or wet away from the house, so that it goes into the ground at least a metre away and won't get underneath. That's the theory, anyway, but it's gotta be a better solution than having a metre of brambles, nettles and weeds leaning on the walls and ivy growing right up to the gutters (and beyond in places).
We have engaged a bloke who is a good concrete layer and knows his way around a float and a bull-nose trowel, and he advise the 10 tonne load. This gets shoveled in to the trench and roughly leveled. It is then whacker-plated down before the concrete goes on. The concrete arrived last weekend, so Mum and Dad have been shoveling, but it has been very rainy since then so 'bloke' cannot proceed with his concrete laying.  Mum and Dad have used about 6 of the ten tonne, so they are pleased to find that they may have enough left over to floor the planned car-port and caravan-bay in what was the hay barn. They spent today shoveling and barrowing 804 westward towards the hay-barn, instead of eastward towards the house. Made a nice change?


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