Monday 18 June 2012

Silverwood Seven

 On Friday 15th, Mum and Dad head for Silverwood to catch up with the family but also to get a first glimpse of Lily's pups (at Day 12) and also, if they can wangle it, Tommo the Builder's "bottle brush kittens". We dogs are left behind for this as we'd cause too much confusion and Lily has even banished the puppies' Father, Maxwell from the room. The pups are all very cute, plump and healthy and have been going down great guns on Facebook with a series of pictures posted by Mrs S under the heading "The Silverwood  Seven"
 The plan is currently that one of these little mites joins our number at week 8 so, roughly, the end of July. It will be a boy and will be named Towser. Mrs S has picked one out for us.
 Mum and Dad are taken round to Tommo's house where a young daughter, the nominal owner of the cat, Bailey, brings the kittens down to the front garden to show them off. Later she also brings Bailey down and she has indeed got the legendary 'bottle brush' tail which it would be quite fun of the kittens were to inherit. Bailey herself was formerly a feral cat, then adopted by Tommo's daughter. She has had three kittens. There is a big one which an Aunt is having, but the other two, very similar kittens are ours. They might have been named Heckle and Jeckle but now Mum has seen that one is slightly ginger and the other 'blue', they may end up named Ginger and Blue.

 All very cute. It remains to be seen how I take to these new animals when they arrive, or indeed how Coco does. Incidentally, ignore anything you heard or read about Coco being renamed Trig. The name never stuck. The humans keep forgetting it and calling Coco Coco anyway, so they have decided to revert to Coco.

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