Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Just a couple more pictures before we go into enforced lock down for Christmas. Mrs S does not allow laptops to be turned on from this evening round to Boxing Day, (Quite right too, It's family time!) so this will be the last post for a couple of days.These pictures then are of the Silverwoods Turkey being beaten into submission by Mum and young M (5). He makes a good assistant chef but started off this exercise unwilling to touch the bird (Yeurrgghh! It's Gross!) and ends up up to his armpits in the pushing sage-butter under its skin and stuffing up its jacksey.

The stairs picture shows the stud wall alongside the stairs stripped back to its skeleton. These hardboard stud walls were pretty much condemned by the surveyor as fire risk, and seeing the hardboard burn like cardboard on the bonfire we can see why. This wall will be gone completely (along with any other hardboard) opening up the one big room with he stairs leading off, so that the front door opens into the dining room with the wood burning stove (the ancient and much loved range will not survive this phase).

The bottles of fizz were our welcome for the first night in the caravan. Sorry about the not very stylish champagne 'flutes'!

Finally a shot of Mum with her favourite weapon, the flexible 2-handled Curver bucket which is used to wrangle broken plaster board, rubbish, scrap iron and anything else to its destination. It's just about the right size to not get too heavy when fully laden and she love it.

Well, as I said, that's all for now. House rules and all that. Catch up with you again on Boxing Day

Merry Christmas to all our readers
Love from the Deefs

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