Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ragworth ASBO Two-Breakfasts

Dad is scammed by a not particularly bright Rags into giving him a 2nd breakfast, failing to admit that Diamond has been down already at 06:30 and fed him the first one. Step forward Ragworth Asbo Two-Breakfasts N.

Mum and Dad are off to a Christmas party night with a gang of one-time work mates. There are about 20 of them and amusingly only about 5 still work at the place, following the redundancy decimation during the Summer, but all those who wanted to have found work elsewhere. They are, anyway, a happy bunch of mates who love to get together to catch up on the gossip and compare notes, all be it most of them are now on Facebook so they are in daily or regular contact anyway.

The 'do' is at the King Charles Hotel in Brompton, Gillingham but down at the function rooms end rather than the posh hotel end so it's a bit of a 'mass catering' meal (adequate but not brilliant). There's a 'cabaret' which is maybe a bit too loud and includes a game of the baffling TV show "Deal or No Deal" (which no-one we speak to can understand and seems to be based on random chance) followed (at 22:30) by a Black Eyed Peas tribute band. They do a good rendition of the one song we've heard of (It's Gonna be a Good Night) and then divert off into a load of what are presumably equally accurate renditions of B.E.P. rap songs. It's a good night. It does what it says on the tin and Mum and Dad plus their good friends Steve and Jean (my "First Mum and Dad") call it a night at about quarter to 11 and head home.


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