Friday, 9 December 2011

Photo Fest

Just a set of photos to catch you up on recent stories; I realised I had not published any pics recently. First up one of Mum's farewell cards. Next a nice appropriate pairing of Irish peat briquettes with the "Faversham" solid fuel mini-stove. The briquettes are available from our removal man who is Irish - his depot is in Whitstable on Diamond Road up behind the carpark near the Fish Market. The stove comes from one of our former quayside maritime engineer / shipwrights Colin Frake, who made all the dead eyes for the rigging of Cutty Sark among other achievements. Colin is no longer based at Standard Quay so you'll have to track him down if you want one, but they are fun things to heat a room with. They use very small logs - no more than about 3 inch diameter and 3 inches long.

3rd up is a shot of the new trailer just completed today which will be coming to Ireland with Mum and Dad on Sunday/Monday all being well. It's even colour coordinated to the car, look! Dad's very pleased with it. Then comes the tankard gift from Faversham Hort Soc to Dad and finally a picture of the handsome Rags.


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