Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hassle-Free flying

Despite the news being full of the strikes by Immigration-clearing workers at Heathrow and the threat of disruption spreading to other UK airports, Dad heads off back to the UK for his final burst of 11 days of Faversham tying up the last loose ends before bringing Mum back to re-unite the family at last for the real start of Project Erroll. The flight is not till 12:50 so there is time to do breakfast as normal and to school run what children there still are going to school, not wiped out by the cold bug. Em-J and little R are both off school today and Dad has now developed a ticklish cough so is sure he's coming down with it - he's only surprised to have survived so long without succumbing.

So, Mr Silverwood drives Dad to the airport via buying a part for Steak Lady's shower, check in is problem free and the flight boards and loads on time. Dad is under instructions to text John at the UK end as he boards, as John will then leave home and take about the same time to drive as it does to fly Dublin to LGW, which saves anyone wasting time hanging around airports. As John rolls up at arrivals, Dad is coming through from baggage reclaim.

The boys drive home to Diamond's via the old house where there might have been some post to collect (including Mum's tax disc... oops) but nobody's home. Diamond welcomes everyone in - she has made up a spare room bed for Dad. In theory Dad was going to be sleeping on the barge, Cambria but now has this cold and it told that the barge has no heating yet and only dodgy mains power, so she is very cold and damp at present and not necessarily that conducive a place to sleep for a cold-ridden blogger. Also, Daimond is cooking haggis (small 'h'), neeps and tatties (and peas and carrots) for St Andrew's Day, Mum will be home from work and wine may well be opened. Thank you Diamond for the hospitality, comfy bed and the attention of the ravishingly handsome Ragworth (grrrrrrrr!)


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