Friday, 16 December 2011

Where's My Bike?!!!

There is an enforced day off from the house-wrangling today as Mrs Silverwood takes Mum off for some extreme shopping in Portlaoise leaving Dad to wrangle children.It is the day for the play school to which Toddler-R (4) goes, to do their singing-in-a-circle for the Mums and Dads (and Uncles in this case), have their visit from Santa, get a present and get face-painted if they chose. This went well and kids were very sweet sitting in the circle doing their stuff except for R who was so excited to see Santa, who'd come in to hear the singing, she kept jumping to her feet and running over to stand in front of Santa, hopping and bopping and wondering where the presents were.

Unfortunately when the present arrived it was "NOT A BIKE" (it was a perfectly good, sweet rag-dolly) so there were tears and tantrums. Dad and Em-J calmed things down trying to explain that this was an extra and the bike would still come on the real day if she was good, tears were dried away and rather sad face presented to face painting babe to be converted into a pink and multi-coloured butterfly. The troops returned via the Super-Valu supermarket for hot sausage rolls and "chippies" and now all is serene as this is eaten on the sofa with we two dogs in eager attendance looking hopeful and hungry.

Mum and Mrs S are off Christmas shopping but also in search of all things camping which Dad does not already own from 2CV camping ready for the first night when the caravan is at the new house. This is stuff like a big water 'jerry can', oil lamps, oil for same and provisions. The plan is to take the caravan up there tomorrow and Mum and Dad and the two cars, so we've effectively moved up there. Momentous day! Also there that day will be Sparks checking out the electrics.


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Care Towers said...

just getting back into Deefer for the ongoing story - loving the updates. Don't envy the work, but enjoying the pics; thanks. An interested brother! xx