Sunday 19 November 2006

Assistant Gardener

Ha! Not quite as clean as this now. Been helping my Dad in the garden, digging out ground elder and a serious infestation of wild strawberries. Quite good at digging, reasonably good at grabbing weeds and running away with them, good at biting the hand fork. Not so good at identifying the offending plants and having them out.
Incidentally, lying on a sheepskin rug here - it's not some shaggy dog I'm leaning on.
Said yesterday that I can get up stairs but not down. Not strictly true any more. Dashed out of upstairs bedroom anxious not to get left behind by Dad coming down the stairs, failed to stop, almost overtook Dad on the way down. Bit surprised all round. Luckily stairs are well padded with carpet and pups fairly elastic. No damage done but treating that top step with a bit more respect now.
More soon - good gardening!

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Molly said...

Hello Deefer so glad you can now use a computer. Mummy has been using one for ages, Daddy is a complete dunce at it. Its nice to hear that you are getting on so well in your new home. Sounds like you have your human parents just where you want them. You get that from your mum. Let me know when they have shown you what weeds look like and you can help me in my garden. You get off now and see just how far you can push your human parents. Archie says hello and hopes to see you soon.

Mummy and Daddy