Wednesday 29 November 2006

Le Brushing Dogs

What a lot to talk about!

Bit confused just now about the family dynamics. Mum went off the Paris for le Christmas Shopping, and while she was still gone, Dad took off on a business trip. In between, the Angel Betty (Bless Her) ministered to my needs, and reported back to both M+D my brilliance at nipping out to perform all functions you'd expect of a pup without keeping anyone waiting

Eventually (!) Mum returned from Paris and brought me the most beautiful harness and lead in girly red/pink check. It comes (don't you know) from a shop called "Brushing Dogs" from Rue Damremont in Montmartre. "Brushing" might look like an English word, but it is the word used in the sophistimicated Paree salons, for what we know as a blow-dry. They don't go in for any of this boring "laver les cheveux" (wash your hair) nonsense, like you'd learn in school. It's all "le shampoo-ing" and "le-brushing" (said in your most alluring French accent to make dad go all goo-ey). So "Brushing Dogs" is not, in fact a boring name for a shop, but a clever tilt at the poshe dog-grooming market. This shops sells, I am told, all manner of collars, leads, grooming stuff, dog beds etc, so I am very proud. Now I can go out and meet le publique and hold my head up alongside la Duchesse Meggie et le Captaine 'Aggeeeees. Mais oui!

However, these highbrow notions were not long lasting, and the first thing Dad heard when he came back from le business treep to find me confined behind the "stable door" into the laminated floors of the dining room was Mum, in best Irish-Landlady tones, saying "She's BARRED, the little demon!" . It's outrageous! I only did a FEW poo's and MOST of them were on the newspaper. So now I'm grounded in the laminated floor bits of the house

Soon though - freedom. 2nd jab done and this a low risk area for parvo and distemper, there is talk of me maybe getting a first walk on Saturday

I'll keep you posted!


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