Saturday 18 November 2006

Meet the new family

Seem to have fallen on my feet with this new family, but it's a bit of a learning curve (ach - hate those cliches).

Human Mum and Dad - nuff said. Mad keen Westie fans; have had them for years. Used to post on the Westie chat lists. Even up loaded some pictures in the old days. Probably if you type Megan and Haggis into either Yahoo or Google, You'll get a picture of my new housemates when they were a lot younger, with one of their own pups). If you're on the Westie lists you might recall from years back, the adventures of Captain H ' Aggis, and the Lady Megan. The adventures they had (so they say) with Westies from the Deep South, Hawaii, Colorado, Pennsylvania

The Lady Megan (Dowager Duchess of Kent). 10 years old. Like all the best dogs, knows her place in the family (running it). 10 years old now so slowing up, rather stand-off ish. Tends to look down her nose at the lunatic running around yapping antics of younger dogs. Most unseemly. Uncouth! Had pups of her own in her youth, 2 litters - the web-famed "Faversham Five" and then three more the next year. All, (as is the way of these things) wrenched from her arms at 8 weeks old, (although one only went to live next door). That's probably why she's welcomed me with open arms. Took an immediate shine - follows me around, nudges me with her nose till I roll over, then licks me like my Mum. I'm gonna like it here

Haggis - big brother. Bit of an anxious boy, at 9, was a bit concerned I'd usurp his position as Favourite Son (yeah... I know), so can be a curmudgeonly old git, and grumps at me with a loud "WAFF!" if I get too insistent, or bounce too close to him. Getting used to me though, after 3 days

Mississippi - brindled cat with half a tail. Kinda tolerates me but not too close. She'll get used to the idea. Spends most of her time growling at....

Felix - black and white cat like the one on the tin. Difficult to judge. Seems to not want to know but then goes through mad half hours of teasing me by sneaking in, nicking my toy and running off again. Just wait till I can do stairs as quick as him. I'm OK going up. Not so hot on coming down.

More later. Am trying to get a picture posted

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