Sunday 25 October 2009

Birthday Diamonds

Happy Birthday Diamond - 21 (again) today. I know Mum and Dad are descending upon you in your hospital bed today with gifts and cards (as will lots of other people). Don't eat all the cake before we get there! This is a special day - it wasn't that long ago we were all worried you might not make it. We all hope you have many many more!

Mum also has another birthday to attend, that of ex boss. They're like buses - you don't see one for ages, then loads come along at once. Also in the queue is the 3rd "birthday" of this blog (and so my 3rd anniversary or arriving at this house).

And while we're on milestones, today we will pass the 7000 visits mark on the blog. Click on site meter at the top of this screen - we were on 6997 as I wrote this.

And now for a chilled out day. Dad's volunteering at the barge Cambria, and Mum's got all these birthdays to do, so we look like being "home alone" dogs. Hey ho. I expect we'll get a walk later.

Happy Birthday Diamond (and Ann P)

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