Sunday 11 October 2009 the old canal

Regular readers might recall Sept 13th, we made reference to Diamond's old old friend-of-the-family, Ella, given to saying "I'm nearly 84, you know" as soon as she is past her 83rd Birthday. Well, she's currently "nearly 90" or so. Mum tells us that Ella, Bless Her, had become concerned that Diamond might be struggling for money, being "off work sick" and all that, and had offered to top up her phone card for her.

Diamond, touched by the generosity and sweet ness of this, tried to phone Ella back, but only getting the son ( "our Stanley" ) heard that Ella was out with her "fella". Apparently each Thursday, Ella goes out walking with her "young man" down by the old canal (the guy's got to be 75 if he's a day). How sweet is that? Go Ella.

The H and myself are whizzed off to Reculver for a walk, but the carpark, pub and the whole place are crawling with "Race of Life" push-bike riders (it's a Cancer Research charity thing). There's a queue to park. We turn tail and race up to the free, uncongested end, the Bishopstone carpark.

Dad has some fun helping a bloke launch a stunt-kite, and then we have some fun racing around barking at the ruffling, wind-scream whooshing noises of it as it whizzes low over head

Do you realise, this is our 700th posting? You'd think with that much practise, it should be quite interesting by now, wouldn't you........

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

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