Monday 26 October 2009

Wagga Wagga

Our thoughts are with Dad's 2CV chum Andy and with his Mum, our good friend Mary, who always makes a fuss of we westies when we camp on her land with the Kentish Hoppers (2CV club), and whose Cavs Daisy and "Dinky" (He's a boy and is actually called "Fair Dinkum" as he was a gift from one of Mary's sons, who lives in Australia).

It is Australia that Mary was visiting last week when she has suffered a medical emergency which left her hospitalised in Wagga Wagga (I kid you not - it's in NSW), and is now to be flown home to the UK later this week. Despite all this Andy has managed to get the restoration project car "Mademoiselle" through her 2009 MOT, so she's back on the road and street legal. Dad has a week off work next week, trying to use up some holiday, so we may get to go out in her.

Andy was commenting that she was a bit lumpy and grumpy to start after the months of being cooped up in the lock-up, and could use some exercise and tender loving care. This is, after all, why the boys spent all that time in the freezing wet winter of 2007/8 doing the rebuild, to drive her around - not to sit her in a barn under a dust sheet.

Get well soon, Andy's Mum

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