Friday 16 October 2009

He Knows You're There

No matter how distracted these Fallow bucks seem to be, or how carefully you sneak about, they're generally a few seconds ahead of you and as you zoom into focus on the long lens there they are, almost winking at you and saying "you'd need to be up a whole lot earlier than that to catch me out, son!"

Dad's second day off today, and although rain in the morning stops play on deer-photography, he is able to sneak out mid afternoon. Usually, by then there's been a million and one dog walkers through the forest, and the deer are all in deep cover, so he's not expecting much, but this old boy was still hanging in there, roaring away and paused photogenically for a few seconds.

Have a good weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Best time to truly them in their roaring splendour is dusk. Been up the woods 3 evenings this week - - coming back in the dark not so much fun but seeing them, hearing them and smelling them has been simply amazing this year. Lots of white does wandering about, but every buck has been dark, although we did think we saw a pale one but who knows - it was dusk!