Sunday 17 January 2010

All safely home

Mum is safely returned to us and we have heard all the tales and stories of what sounded like a traumatic week around Portmarnock, but no detail here I'm afraid. All those who need to know are in the picture already. Suffice to say Mum's had a chance to catch up with the Silverwoods (Toddler-M now very tall and cheeky, and wondering where is (Dad's) boat? "Baby"-R is now turning into Toddler-R as she's mastered the basic walking skills, and now just needs to hone the finer balancing abilities....whooops-a-daisy!

Mum has spent time with some long-lost cousins (Hi Cathy) and a niece whom she first knew as a bump (Hi Danielle), plus Mum and Dad's own Best Man Billy (How do you spell that?), and his son Keith. She's linked up with Steak Lady and Mum's Dad and they've been to Howth to visit George the Seal (pics in an earlier posting, but you might have to search back a year or so) and had plenty of gossip with the "Late Lady" and the "Artist".

But now she's back and the standard of cookery has returned to its normal heights. Tonight (get us!) our normal stuff is supplemented by some rib cage and pelvis bits from Guinea Fowl. The fridge is stocked with goodies, and we no longer get breakfast at 04:30. A girl can relax a bit in the morning - get up and see Dad off, but then climb back onto the duvet (never "under") for the next 3 hours till Mum's alarm goes off.

The snow's all gone now and we're all wet from melt water. Today we head for Conyer again where there are hard paths, so that we don't get all muddy. Mind you, I am a bit sparse undernieth at present due to Dad having to cut a fair amount of "feather" away when trimming off the many frozen balls of snow hanging off my undercart after a walk like Christmas Tree baubles. Amusingly, these were chucked out on the terrace and when the snow melted there was a little pile of sad whispy tufts of Deefer-fir left.

Meanwhile, thoughts with Diamond, who is back into Hospital this week for yet another medical procedure. We're rooting for you Diamond. This is a bit of a serious one we gather, so courage, Sister!

Yo! Deefski

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