Sunday 3 January 2010

Thoroughly disreputable

Would anyone like to guess the name of this thoroughly disreputable looking westie cavorting in the snow trying to make a snow angel. Minus 5 points if you went straight to my name, me being the usual suspect if anything sordid or dirt-collecting is going on.

Nooooo! Plus 10 points if you straight away recognised the usually staid and gentlemanly Captain H 'Aggis. Normally, maybe, but in snow it's all a bit different. Seems to set off the mud-wallowing lunatic in him and he is first man there if there are snow-angels to be made. No matter that here the snow was so thin and new he is making a mud-and-gravel angel instead.
Thought you'd also like these atmospheric pics of snugged down barges on the Standard Quay in Faversham. Top is the bow end of the SB Cambria, with all her viewing platforms and the Christmas Tree rigged up to her poly-tunnel.
The other pic is of SB Raybel nearest to the camera, and SB Greta alngside her as the snow falls. Nothing like as much snow as the poor aul' North is currently experiencing, but snow, none the less.
We all retreated indoors for the humans to have hot chocolates and us dogs to have a coal fire. Happy New Year


Mr Silverwood said...

Snow always brings out the inner child who likes to make snow angels....

Em-J Silverwood said...

Haggis is just like my young brother,just minding their own
buissness until it snows.