Sunday 17 January 2010

Listen Again

Brilliant! Mum and Dad were just done eating supper, and listening to the Paul O'Grady Show on BBC Radio 2, when all our ears pricked up at the mention of a dog called "Megan" on his very sweet, touching "deceased pets" slot.

It was, of course, our own old chum, the Megster. Mum had cut and pasted a chunk of this very blog into an email to Paul just before Christmas, and he's now read it out. It was nicely wrapped around with Paul's own comments about people who say "It's only a dog!" (Dad knows a few of them).

These days, of course, all BBC2 output is available on line as "listen again" (via I-Player). Go to the BBC Radio 2 website and follow the links to Paul O'Grady on Listen Again. It was read out about 18:20 today, Sunday 17th Jan, which is an hour and 20 minutes into the Show. As it was read out we were half expecting a few calls, but we're not sure round here how many people listen to R2 at this time of night.

Brought a few tears to us lot here, though.


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Mr Silverwood said...

Just listened now, very good, and I would say that it was a nice, all be it sad, surprise to get on a Sunday evening.