Wednesday 6 January 2010

My Daddy Loves.......

When First-Dad was out Christmas shopping in Marks and Spencer, he came across tins of shortbread with cartoon westies on the front and, naturally, bought a load. To cut a long story short, one came to current-Dad, and was much enjoyed over Christmas, although the humans kept it to themselves, and we dogs didn't get any.

Back at work, Dad was thanking First-Dad and commenting on how nice was the shortbread, when F-D asked if we dogs had had any. Finding that we hadn't F-D said that dogs LURVE shortbread, and that he'd given some to his (my Real-Mum (Mollie), Real-Dad (Hector) and bro' (Archie). Complicated innit?

The shortbread was in the tin in those discs which are pre-marked into 6 segments. F-D had put the tin down, broken off a segment and was further breaking down that triangle into dog-sized bits as a treat. There you go, Mollie....... there you go Archie......... Hector! Hector? Where are you, Hector? (silence)....... F-D, suspicions aroused, goes hunting for Hector and finds that he's nicked the next whole round out of the tin, run off to hide and is frantically trying to cram the whole thing into his mouth before he is busted!

Mum was unkind enough to look at me and say "Now we know where she gets it from......"

The nerve, I tell you

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