Sunday 26 February 2012

First Fixing Photo's

Just for interest, some pictures of the plumbing and electrical first fixing. The plumbing is mainly being done in half inch "Qual-Pex" plastic pipe, although we have to use copper for the first ten feet or so coming from the stove. The electrics are being done in something called NYM-J cable which are a little more expensive than the normal grey 'mains' cable you see, but the NYM has extra fancy sheathing to protect it from all manner of degradation by nasty chemicals in the plaster, insulated foam, paints and so on. The main hub for electrics has become known as Electric Avenue and the main hub for plumbing, which will be the airing cupboard ("hot press" in Irish)is known as Plumb Central. Plumb central has all the red 'gate valves' in the photos.

All very technical

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