Wednesday 1 February 2012

Sid W's Funeral

On Tuesday, Mum and Dad attend the funeral of Diamond's John's old Dad, Sid who nearly made 96. It's a raw cold day with light snow falling but, mercifully, no wind. The funeral is a quiet, dignified affair which takes place in Faversham's Roman Catholic church and then at Charing Crematorium, finishing up back at the Crown and Anchor pub in The Mall (the one in Faversham, not London!). There are few guests but they do include John's brother Brian and Brian's daughter Kelly who have come over from Australia to be there. Brian reads the Eulogy. Interestingly there are other relatives from our new part of the world (actually Donegal) but for various reasons they cannot make the trip. Had they known, Mum and Dad could almost have brought them over with them in the car!

Sid had a fascinating and remarkable life according to the Eulogy having been at various times a Naval patrol-man hunting mines in a variety of craft (there is even a connection to Thames barges via Sid's Dad, John's Granddad which may have given them their affinity for sea-faring), a shop-floor worker in the local (Beer and Rigden's and later Fremlin's) brewery doing piecework screwing beer bottle tops on, and then the main wine and spirits storeman for Fremlins. He took early retirement at 59 but then carried on part time as Driver to the Brewery MD, and the children can all recall the swank of being driven to and from school and outings in the MD's posh 3.5 litre, top of the range, Rover. Their 'real' car was a Ford Anglia.

Farewell then Sid. We never knew you, though Mum did meet you. You sound like a good man and Mum and Dad know it was a privilege to be able to support Diamond and John at your ceremony.


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