Sunday 5 February 2012

New Windows and Doors

Mum and Dad were delighted to get back in their taxi from Knock airport to be greeted by the sight of the house, resplendent with new door and windows all along the front looking gorgeous in the slanting evening sunshine. Sparks had been hard at work while they'd been swanning around England and the window fitters from Munster Joinery had been in on the 1st of the month to fit them. There was one small issue as you can see from the back of the house, in that they had made a mistake swapping measurements for some of the back windows with type for the front, in that they were trying to fit fire escape windows downstairs at front till Sparks pulled them up. No points there! The fitter apparently said "Ah, I did wonder why we were doing that" but hadn't stopped and asked the question. Tart. No matter, they will return in 2 weeks with the correct size and type, with fire escape stylee upstairs at the back.

At the back you can see that we have the new back door and the new windows in bathroom/loo (now all one room) and you can see here Sparks has blocked up part of one bathroom window where the big shower booth will go. These windows are a big improvement on what we had, first of all by being double glazed as opposed to old aluminium single glazed panels with the rubber beading falling out. They are also argon-filled rather than vacuum (Sparks gave Dad some technical explanation as to why this is better, but he can't recall now)and the front and back door re seriously re-inforced with steel and have 4 or 5 hinges and big multi-bolt locking. We are not paranoid about the locals - that just seems to be how they come these days, as opposed to the flimsy, light weight doors which were in already.

Better still, you will recall, these have come in well below our tentative budget, the best result so far. We think it improves the whole look of the place, brightening it up and making it look much neater. A real step on the re-build road.


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