Sunday 19 February 2012

Shallow Grave

Rather scarily there is now a place in the 'garden' of the Roscommon house which has become known as the "Shallow Grave". This low mound of soil under the big pine trees to the left of the drive as you go up towards the house was discovered by Sparks to have two old decomposing boots sticking out of it at suspiciously close distance from one another, all be it toes down and heels up. Neither Mum nor Dad (nor indeed Sparks) show any inclination to investigate further, although Em-J and J-M Silverwood, now they know it exists, cannot wait to get their forensic "murderer" gloves on and start gently digging. If there is 'anything' in there then the angle of the boots says the hole was dug first, fairly deep, then the 'person' pitched in head first from a position kneeling or leaning over to look into the hole.

Of course (cough)... all they'd surely find would be a pile of domestic rubbish including, if finds so far are anything to go by, plenty of empty bottles, bits of scrap farm implement and two old boots. Or would they?

I'm not looking

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