Wednesday 28 November 2007

Howlin' Wolf

Funny ol' chap, Haggis on occasions. Normally fairly contented and happy with life, but always looking slightly anxious - see quite a few of the pics on this blog if you don't know what I mean.

But in H's world, he likes "order". That means when a phone rings, a human races to answer it promptly, and when an alarm clock goes off a human is not only in the bed, but also wakes up, stretches out a drowsy arm and silences the thing. Within seconds - after a few rings (phone) or beeps (clock).

If this does not happen, Haggis's little world falls apart. He is desolated and deeply distressed; traumatised even. He can cope for a few rings but then sure enough, drifting through from the next room comes Owwoo - owwoo - owwooooo, tentatively at first, but quickly rising to a crescendo of oWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! going on and on and on. It's no good just raising your voice, you humans and saying "OK Haggis - it's only the phone... shhh now!". Once he's up and running he needs a human to go to him and cuddle him reassuringly, where upon he'll calm down.

Humans, being humans are most concerned about this and hate to be a nuisance to their lovely neighbours, so they're mortified at the thought that he'll be heard and annoy anyone. The neighbours luckily love us and reassure Mum and Dad that "You'd never know you guys had three dogs - we never hear a peep out of them!...... except occasionally when we hear Haggis. We used to race round to see what was up, thinking he was in deep distress... but now we know it's just the phone". Dad hopes they're not just being nice, and it really is just "occasionally"

Impressive noise, though H!


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