Thursday 22 November 2007

Solvent Abuse

Ahhh Busted again! This time I'm not so much in trouble, as the subject of curiosity among the humans. The lighter pictured was found in my bed (with the bits) and with puppy tooth marks around the hole (allegedly) chewed in it. Now come on! That's not conclusive proof. The cats use that bed sometimes, M'Lud.

Round here, though, there's no justice. Just because I destroyed a similar lighter about 2 weeks ago (allegedly) chewing the top right off. It didn't go on the blog at the time and I would have got away with it as a "one-off" but now Mum and Dad are thinking there is a pattern forming, and are looking under my dog-bed "rug" for Evostick tubes and plastic bags.

Both are wishing they could have been flies on the wall when I bit through the casing and got my first mouthful of the lighter fluid. How mean is that. Cleared my sinusses out a treat!


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