Monday 19 November 2007

They said there'd be snow...

Ooops - can't quite get the keyboard into the right position - Haggis sitting on the wire!

Well - mighty cold it may have been yesterday and there was talk of snow on the radio, but it just kept on raining, and now it's turned a bit milder, so I guess we'll have to wait. Haggis was actually 6 by the time he saw proper snow - just the way it worked out with his youth and 5 mild winters. In Megan's pup-hood, there was so much snow that Dad remembers building her an igloo, then lobbing "sweeties" in through the entrance so she'd go in for them and he could get photo's of her emerging.

These wet evenings, and with Dad liking to lay the fire before he walks us, it's often dark by the time we go out. OK for us - we're white, so we can be seen in the dark. Tonight we met Darcie, a young black cocker with a red flashing collar. Good idea!


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