Friday 9 November 2007

Tidal Surge

Recovering from my assault by the vet (only joking Rosie, doesn't do to get on the wrong side of medical people. You never know what they'll get called upon to do next!) I find Mum a bit concerned at the possibility of a "tidal surge". It seems that North winds have created a big 3m raise in water level progressing down the North Sea which, if it coincides with high tide at some points might be enough to over-whelm the sea defences. Our town, being on a tidal creek, is among those listed as vulnerable, and all the news broadcasts are mentioning East Anglia and Kent

The tide has already over-topped the Standard Quay once this year, where Dad's beloved Thames Sailing Barges moor up for maintenance, and they only draw about 2 or 3 feet soaking wet, so he's wondering if he'll find them up on the concrete, high and dry.

As it happens the surge bimbles down the coast and passes us without any breaching, so the evening news is full of relieved Environment Agency types saying things like "hair's breadth" and "within a whisker". Mum and Dad relax again.

Loving "Autumn Watch" at present (though we have a night off tonight). Single birds, rabbits, mice - anything scurrying or moving fast has me in full alert mode - ears up, neck craning, tail up, head cocking from side to side. Probably a favourite programme on TV just now.

Ah well. It's the weekend and we have nothing planned. Nobody visiting us, us not visiting anybody, so lots of relaxing and some nice dog walks are planned. A nice bit of forest and the autumn leaves would do me just fine!


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