Thursday 15 November 2007

Phone the RSPCA

Fantastic walk tonight - all round the back of the allotments, but AT NIGHT! Night noises - animals scurrying for cover - rabbits and r*ts, frosty air, damp grass. Even Meggie was all fired up and electric in the dark, racing about like a young one, rather than her usual slow plod. I, unfortunately, raced through a particularly fluffy dry pile of old compost and got absolutely covered in bits, so I needed a brush out. I hate that! Dad tells me to shoosh and that he's not pulling much or very hard, but I enjoy a good "drama queen" squeak every now and then, just to scare him!

No such sympathy from Mum this morning. She sends an email to Dad from work which covers all sorts but ends with .....

" She's also off her feed. She seems to think she'll be better later though, as she was carefully guarding her food bowl from all comers. In the end, I picked it up as the sight of her desperately trying to find a way to go out and pee while remaining on guard - in the face of a slying circling Haggis - was making me laugh too hard."

Now, I ask you, is that anyway to treat a poor defenceless puppy.

Somebody should phone the RSPCA


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