Friday 1 May 2009

Dead-Eye Dick

OK , not the sort of junk everyone would want on their terrace table, but it floats Dad's boat.

He is mad keen, as regular readers will know, on Thames sailing barges and in particular the SB Cambria, currently being restored here. The restoration involves a fair amount of chopping old wood and old parts to replace them with new (under-statement of the year), and in the process a fair amount of "junk" comes available.

This 'ere is called a "dead eye". It's a part of the rigging of the old barge. There were 16 - 2 to each "shroud", being the main "stay" (rope) from the main mast top to half way along each side of the barge, there to stop the mast falling over side-ways. We have scanned in a pic (actually of the barge "SB Will Everard" from Dennis J Davis's book "The Thames Sailing Barge, her gear and rigging" (ISBN 0 7153 4887 6)) to show the layout of the 4 pairs.

The Cambria Trust were selling these old dead eyes in aid of the restoration, and Dad couldn't resist.

Sad git

Have a great weekend


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