Monday 25 May 2009

Food Miles

I am wondering if food miles count when you buy "local" produce a long way from home and then bring it home when you were coming anyway.

Remember the "Sangliers" post a few posts back, which mentioned a local-produce farm shop near La Chapelle d'Armentieres. There Mum and Dad bought, along with local cheeses and dried salami-type meats and some rillette, some bottles of local apple juice.

Even fewer food-miles has me celebrating the end of Dad's "hungry gap" up at the allotment, bringing home the first of the Autumn-sown broad bean crop. Plenty more where that came from. Big fresh pods and lovely tender beans. Megan and I are sitting at Dad's feet through the podding process - Meggie has always liked fresh raw broad beans even from a pup, and I'm learning. Haggis? No way. He doesn't "do" plants. Ahh beans in the warm sunshine..... Afternoon Delight?

On the Rec a fun fair has been thumping away every night since Friday, and tonight that's joined by a music mini-festival up by the Rugby Club. Sounds of rock music of varying quality drifting across the trees of the old railway line.

Diamond and John (and Rags we guess) over for a bit of lunch on the terrace this afternoon, D+J just fresh back from Poros (Greece).

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