Friday 22 May 2009

Röf, Röf

One of the gang who went on the La Chapelle trip is a lovely Hungarian lady called Zsuzsa (the "zs" is pronounced exactly like the French "j" in "je" or "j'aime").

The project car already has a name, as you know, "Mademoiselle", but the other car they took didn't. It's a very rare (as in, there are only 3 left in UK in roadgoing condition) UK-built 2CV. They were made only for a few years (1955 to 1958, I think; correct me if I'm wrong) in the Citroen factory in Slough. For the anoraks among you, they are identifiable by three things - rear opening windows (flap-up style, like the normal 2CV front ones), the round Citroen bonnet-mascot, and the Morris 1000-style flick-up "trafficator" indicators (see photo).
When he/she had completed the La Chapelle run, the humans all decided that he/she should be Christened with a proper name like "Mmle", so that she could not just be "the Slough-built", and the task fell to Zsuzsa. She, commenting on one of the noises that the car makes was reminded of a Hungarian children's nursery rhyme where-in a pig who normally makes the noise "Röf Röf" ( it's pronounced kind of "rerf" (like the vowel sound in surf)) but when rootling and snuffling for truffles etc, is reckoned to be saying "Töf Töf"
Don't tell me you don't get culture on this blog
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Mr Silverwood said...

You learn something new every day, I didn't know they made any 2CV's in the UK