Saturday 30 May 2009

Of Bees and Bad things

Our game of footie in the Rec early this morning is frustrated by a complete Police Cordon around the whole Rec. It seems (although the 12-year-old policeman (Dad's words) was not saying anything) that there has been a fatal stabbing in the middle of the Rec. By this afternoon word is out that it's two herberts fighting over a woman.

We have names but this is probably not the place! The victim died in William Harvey Hospital, our "local" A+E. Bad things anyway. Mum comes back in the afternoon, and comments that the feds have been guarding the Rec all day, and fair play to them, nobody's stolen it.

Meanwhile, some pics of our allotment bees coming and going happily in the warm afternoon sunshine. Main pic shows the location of the main hive in a miniature hazel-spinney. The other shows the entrance. There is now, in addition, a smaller swarm housed in a "Nuke" (Nucleus box). We don't know much about bees yet but if I know Dad he will be buying books and reading the subject up. Scott the bee guy is also talking about us maybe having a hive here in the garden, so we need to check with the neighbours that they have no objections.

Enjoy the hot weather.



Mr Silverwood said...

Drama in faversham..... By the way popped the question to Mrs Silverwood today, got the ring and everything so it offical now

Tim Hopper said...

Hi Deefer,

Yes, that's sad news indeed about the state of our home town :(

On a brighter note.. Great news about the bees! (Be sure to check out my master's blog:

He got to see the latest hive being introduced to their new home, lucky git!)

Best Regards Anon,

Huggy Born Shaggy :)x

PS. Btw, that was my master's 'old man' that gave the info concerning the foundered barge. Good chap!