Thursday 14 May 2009

Greenbacks, and all that Jazz

There is an affliction that affects any dog of around 11 inches to the shoulder, who inhabits the Rec, called "Green-back". The dog's fur along its back takes on a powdery green look which can cause concern and consternation among owners.......

....till they spot that the dog is given to running under the Rec's wooden park-benches, which are green with dried algae all over the bottoms of the planks, where not polished by the bums of weary walkers.

We have a good run around in the Rec this morning, Dad having a day off to amuse himself with errands prior to an adventurous weekend (more of that later), chasing a ball, and romping with mainly-white young Staffie bitch "Jazz" (actually Jasmine). Jazz has a very fetching white leather collar with girlie emblems on it, and a pink leather lead. Makes you look twice, on a Staff, where your eye is almost more tuned to expect a macho look.

We pass Mollie the Beagle's house on the walk, and there's Mollie, sparko in the front bay window, oblivious to our passing, the picture of contentment. Wish we had a camera.


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