Friday 4 September 2009

Buffalo 'n' Beans

No, we're not still on the cowboy theme.... we meet a superb dog in the Rec tonight by the name of "Beans" (because he's "full of beans"). He is 8 but still full of energy. He is like a miniature Pinscher, as delicate in the leg dept as a whippet, black and tan but with a white "vest". Full of terrier-ness too by the way he chased down a plastic-tyre toy and shook it to death.

The owner thinks he is Mini-Pinscher cross border terrier or something along those lines. He had a high stepping gait a bit like a circus horse, but as springy as a gazelle. Quite an odd mix, but a lovely friendly dog and we had a good chase around with him, "helping" him chase his toy tyre (yeah, I let him beat me; I could have kept up with him if I'd wanted to....)

Tonight, thawing on the worktop for a major supper tomorrow is a chunk of buffalo (I kid you not). Not sure if we'll see any of this in the dog dept, but it sounds rather fun. It's brisket so Mum says she'll cook it realllll slooooow. Tonight, Dad's cooking a fishy, prawny spanish tortilla when Mum gets back from visiting Diamond (she's keeping on keeping on, by the way, hanging in there and letting the medics do their stuff).

Have a great weekend everyone

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