Sunday 20 September 2009


It's the anniversary of the passing away of our old chum Denis, "Dad" of Ragworth, so Mum takes herself off to Mass to pay her respects and "cover for" Diamond, who is still in hospital. Dad is on call this weekend, so he has to work the Saturday and his life is ruled by the mobile phone and text messages.

With a certain inevitability, Friday night sees a 3 lorry pile up on the M25 close by the firm's Waltham Point site, so it's never going to be an easy one as the operation makes adjustments and rescues itself from the chaos.

In the middle of all this we get a buzz-cut. Yes, readers, all those lovely flowing locks of the previous posting are gone, and I am a felty-bodied, narrow faced animal which looks more like a lamb than a westie. Cooler though - and this is the final Autumn cut. We are now allowed to grow ever more shaggy and warmer through the Winter, round to out April cut.

Dad is doing his stint on the Sailing Barge (SB) Cambria today, so more photo's of that soon. Either side of that we get the new format double walk. In the morning a gentle one to the rec with Meggie, where we get very wet froma surprise shower of rain. Then when Dad's back from Cambria, Haggis and I get a good circuit through town and past Cambria, round the creek bank and back here.

Very satisfying
Rest in Peace, Den

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Mr Silverwood said...

Just so you know, I have burnt the Boating disc's (3 of them) and have them in my bag to be sent in the morning