Saturday 5 September 2009

There you are - didn't want you to think I was making it up about the buffalo. I have now tried a slivver in the kitchen and it is indeed edible.

Today, Dad is at the presentations for the town's In-Bloom competition which unfortunately clashes with Faversham's Hop Festival (They moved theirs, not "us") so that many of the people up for prizes are otherwise engaged battling the crouds and a million Morris Dancers, live bands, hop-bine sellers, stilt-walkers, and couples of blokes dressed as fighting gorillas.
Certainly, in the hot sun, you can understand all the pub landlords who have decorated their pubs with hanging baskets and planters, are making the most of the crouds and sun, and selling beer "to a band playing" (literally in some cases) rather than closing their pubs to come collect a trophy. So we have a bit of a thin time of it, and most of the certificates and trophies will be delivered after the event, but we do get 50-70 people and they certainly use up all the free wine and soft drinks, nibbles etc laid on.
There is even a 4 month old westie pup, called Bruce, who is gorgeous - just at that scruffy-adolescent satge we go through between being a cute pup and a groomed adult. And of course we have to race round to the side gate to shout at the horse-drawn Shepherd Neame dray as it clip-clops down past our house to the festival in the morning, and home again at half three.
Happy Hoppin'

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