Sunday 13 September 2009

Nearly 3 , you know

Diamond has an old family friend who is famous for telling everyone how old she is, but not quite. She actually says "I'm nearly 83, you know" with great significance but famously changes the age up a year as soon as she passes that birthday. So almost the day after her 83rd birthday you will hear her proclaiming that she's "nearly 84, you know!" Bless her. On that basis, I can get away with being "Nearly 3, you know"; with my brithday on the 17th just 4 days from now.

Talking of Birthdays, Dad has a busy day yesterday having to attend the local Horticultural Society's Autumn Flower and Veg' Show (He's Treasurer) and in the evening take Mum out for her Birthday meal. A bit late maybe, but things intervened on the dates immediately round the day itself.

Mum chose new-ish Italian restaurant, Villa Toscana

which is not a million miles away - easy "staggering distance". They describe this place as reasonably priced but also known for huge portions, and they come back bloated. Mum had had a carpaccio (thinly sliced) of swordfish, a main course of seafood in a superb tomato-y sauce, and cheese-board. Dad had had a sardine paneta (3 splayed out sardines with very garlicky mayo (aioili?) and a salad) and for main course the biggest, most succulent pork-shin you have ever tasted. Cooked as it was, till the meat was falling off the bones, in a casserole-y sauce with tuscan (borlotti?) beans, mashed potato and veg's he could hardly finish it. We'd have helped you Dad if we'd have been allowed in!

He admits that what first attracted him to this on the Italian menu was the word "Stinco" (Italian for "shin") as in "stinco de maiale" (which almost competes with Crappaud for "toad" a few posts ago). But it was a good choice, and he could only manage lemon sorbet for pud. Pathetic effort. They adjourned back here to the terrace for calva and coffee, candle light in the still evening air, and Billy Joel's "Italian Restaurant", while we mooched about checking out the night sounds and smells.

Having a great weekend

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Mr Silverwood said...

Your Dad certainly was a little late with your Mums birthday, but sounds like he made up for it.

We all know that feeling of having to do a bit more excersise.