Wednesday 16 September 2009

...or not to bee...

Only one more "sleep" till my birthday, and I get a nice run around on the Rec tonight chasing ball with Sis' Ellie (whose Birthday is also tomorrow, of course, along with Brother Archie). Dad's not mentionned anything yet about a joint walk, but you never know. We also meet a brown, almost tortoise-shell looking Lhasa Abso called "Cosmo". He's only 3 months old. Cosmo was, coincidentally, the name of one of Mum and Dad's Mississippi Westie-owning chums' Westies, but this Cosmo was named after a fairy in some kiddies' TV show, and was named by one of the lady's children.

Disturbing news from Dad's allotments, where some herberts have broken in and knocked over the main bee-hive. Everyone is very upset, as you can imagine, none more so than Scott-the-Bees, our bee-keeper, who has (for now at least) taken the hives away with him. He says that if they had got any rain water in while lying on their sides, we could have lost the whole colony.

They had been doing really well, too, apparently, with a promise of plenty of honey this autumn, and we'd been looking forward to a jar with the allotments own logo on the label. We don't suppose Scott will be too inclined to do that any more. Dad will be lucky, they think, to get him back in the Spring.

One small silver lining on the cloud. Inspired by Scott's efforts and success, one of the allotment holders had decided to start a hive of our own, funded by the allotments but worked by himself, and he had built the hive (He's a bit of a woodworker), and persuaded Scott to take him under his wing as an apprentice bee-keeper. Scott has agreed to keep going with this, even though his own hive was damaged by the hooligans, and our man will keep his hive there, with its very small "nucleus" colony of bees, getting set up to go through the winter.

Why do the kids need to do this? We have no idea.


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